The Project

TalentGo was created with the intention to provide an area for all of the best designers and creative minds to demonstrate their talent. Creatives in the community can participate and work together on a project so the client chooses a piece of originality for their company.

TalentGo is a platform for creative online contests that gives everybody a chance to participate, and publish plans for the creation of logos, business graphics, banners, graphic templates, naming, public announcements and much more.

The two main factors: the client and the creative.

The client has the chance to pitch their project to a vast community of creatives registered with our service. Not only can they take advantage of free advertisement through word of mouth in the community, they can also rely on the work of thousands of professionals who contribute to achieving the desired end product.

The creative has the opportunity to show what they’re made of, to demonstrate their skills and increase revenue by winning the reward offered by the client. By browsing through the active contests, the creative can freely take part in numerous projects, advancing their proposal and thus working alongside both large and small companies.

The client can propose a budget to open a contest for the creation of Logos, Names, Templates, Posters, Banners, Stickers, Brochures, Flyers and many other projects related to creativity, design and graphics. Before the contest expires, the client is asked to select the winner, who will then receive the budget assigned to the project in exchange for their work.

What are you waiting for?

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