How and when does TelentGo pay winning designers?

When the payment is done
Once the client confirms to have received all required files, such as the graphic material and receipt, the budget is accredited to the creative creative. Once your files have been delivered in the handover area (and approved by the client of course), the payment will be sent automatically via PayPal after 7 days. As usual, budget will be sent to the winner's PayPal account, that is your email address used in TelentGo.
In the event the client is late in closing a completed project, we advise the creative to request they unblock the project using the comments accessible through the delivery section. In any case, TelentGo proceeds to close all inactive projects in delivery for over 10 days if the required content has been correctly uploaded.

Email address to use
When creatives register on TelentGo, they must use the same email address associated to their PayPal account in order to receive payment on PayDay. Clients are required to pay the project in advance to TelentGo before publication. This means that, once content is correctly uploaded during the project handover phase, the creative is guaranteed payment.
The email address used on TelentGo can be associated to PayPal even after the payment has been made to the creative; in this case PayPal notifies user that the payment has been made and invites them to add an email to the existing account or create a new one.

PayPal rates
Winners budgets have always been all-inclusive, that is to say they include VAT, taxes if applicable, fees etc. depending on the user's tax profile. These rates are charged to the recipient of the payment (contest winner) as indicated in Paypal’s guidelines. It will not be necessary to indicate them on your invoice/receipt as they are similar to bank costs for managing your bank account.

What to do if I don't receive the payment?
Check out to have properly closed the handover section and that your PayPal account is active and able to receive money (there are thresholds that require PayPal to verify the account). In the event that after 7 days from the handover closure, you haven’t receive the payment, contact us by email. 
ATTENTION: the budget is sent exactly 7 actual days after the handover closes, at the same time (eg. handover closes 1/10 h. 21:00 - payment 8/10 at 21:00).

Can I receive the budget directly on my bank account?
No. PayPal allows us to manage payments automatically and PayPal account only and you can open a PayPal account quickly, easily and free of charge, even if you’re not a business company. So PayPal is the only payment channel provided at the moment. Obviously, you can connect your bank account to PayPal and transfer the budget (see PayPal guidelines).

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