Submitting Designs
» The colors of my proposals change during upload. What can I do?
» What should I send for a Naming/Corporate Name project?
» Why has my proposal been eliminated?
» The client is not voting or commenting proposals. Can you intervene?
» How can I withdraw my proposals?
» May I submit more than one proposal for each contest?
» How do I submit a design?
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Assignments and Costs
» What if I don't like any of the proposals received?
» Can the Project Holder receive a refund?
» What is the minimum price requested to publish a project?
» Do creatives have to pay a fee to participate in published projects?
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User Accounts
» Can I change my nickname?
» I have not received the activation email. What should I do?
» I dont have a VAT number. Can I still participate?
» Can I create two separate accounts: one as a Creative and one as a Project Holder?
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» How do I interact with the creative and graphic designers?
» How do I select the winner of my project?
» What should a Project Holder do once the project is online?
» Can I modify my contest brief once it is online?
» What happens once the contest is over?
» How much time does a contest holder have to select the winner?
» What happens if the Project Holder fails to select a winner?
» What should I receive from the creative I have chosen?
» How long does a contest last?
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» Another designer has used clip art or stock images in their proposal. How can I report them?
» Another designer has copied my proposal. What can I do?
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» If I win a contest, to whom do I have to issue an invoice or receipt?
» What are the accepted payment methods in order to publish a project on TelentGo?
» Can I receive payment if I don't have a PayPal Account?
» How and when does TelentGo pay winning designers?
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