Another designer has copied my proposal. What can I do?

In the event that you are certain that another designer has copied one of your proposals (or the elements contained within it), you may use the ""Report an Offence"" button to report plagiarism. Bear in mind that submitting such a report makes you directly and legally responsible for the accusation made. When submitting a plagiarism report, be sure to specify the following elements: title and project link, number and link to the proposal accused of plagiarism, number and link to your own proposal. All incomplete reports will not be considered. If the report is considered legitimate, TelentGo will notify the creative accused of plagiarism and remind them of their responsibilities and the legal risks they face in the event of plagiarism, in addition to the instructions on how to withdraw their proposals.

Only relevant and complete reports can be taken over and properly handled. In the event of a large number of incomplete or irrelevant reports, you may risk having your account suspended.

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