Another designer has used clip art or stock images in their proposal. How can I report them?

In the event that you are certain that another designer has incorporated clipart or stock images in their proposals, it is possible to use the "Report an Offence" button. It is important to remember that by sending this kind of report the sender becomes directly responsible for the accusation made against the accused. We invite designers of to NOT use clipart or stock images within Logo, Illustration, or Button/Icon projects, failure to comply may result in the suspension or elimination of the account and the cancellation of all proposals.

When submitting a violation report, it is necessary to specify the following elements in the "Description" field of the form: title and project link, respective links to the clipart and stock images inserted in the reported proposal, and the number and link to the proposal. All incomplete or partial reports will not be considered.

For every report that is considered legitimate, a notification will be sent to the reported designer reminding them of the Disclaimer submitted during the presentation of their proposal. They are presented with the legal risks in which they may incur in the event that such declaration result false and there is evidence of copyright violation or plagiarism. Finally, they are provided with the instructions on how to withdraw said incriminated proposals.

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