Custom-made Icons And Buttons

Dozens of icons and buttons proposals in just a few days

Explain what you need and dozens of creative professionals will start sending you their personalized proposals straight away for the icons and buttons you're looking for. See their work and pick the one you like the best. It's easy and fast!

Need To Know More?

What is the minimum price requested to publish a project?

The minimum price requested depends on the type of project. Generally, this ranges between €100-€200. It is important however to note that, the higher the prize, the higher the number of creatives will be who participate, and thus the higher the quality of the project. Furthermore, launching a project on TelentGo means greater visibility; the higher the prize, the more the project will stand out (in and out of the site) and the more attention with placed on the brand, brief, and work carried out by the designers. Check prices!

How long does a icons and buttons contest last?

All icons and buttons contests generally last 9 days (but can be extended an additional 7 days), after which time it will no longer be possible to submit proposals. During this time frame we encourage clients to continue to give feedback to creatives and graphic designers, so that they may work on their drafts and submit new and improved proposals. Once the icons and buttons contest has ended, no further revisions may be submitted and the client must select the winner. Often, the client who launches a icons and buttons contest, already has a good idea of what they like; winners are in fact often selected before the end of the icons and buttons contest. Finally, please note that generally most proposals are submitted during the very last days of the icons and buttons contest. So it is advisable to increasingly keep track of the icons and buttons contest and feedback during this period.

What should I receive from the creative I have chosen?

It depends on the type of project. For design projects, our advice is to always ask for the file in vector format. However, in general it is best to use the dedicated section on the site to communicate with the winner and agree upon the file format you require. This section will be available within the project once the winner has been selected. It is however always advisable, if the project requires the delivery of content, to specify the desired file format in the Contest Brief, so that the creative designers may prepare in advance. 

What happens once the icons and buttons contest is over?

Once the client chooses the winner, the icons and buttons contest is over. The client and the project winner then enter the handover phase and within the icons and buttons contest page a new section called "Project Handover" will appear (accessible only by the client and the designer) through which the designer will deliver all necessary or requested content to the client. The requested files may then be viewed and downloaded by the client, even when the project is officially closed. Once the client has received the requested content, the icons and buttons contest is officially closed and the designer is placed in the payout queue.